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Do what you can with what you have

It literally is the antidote for all your excuses. Particularly during these unprecedented times. While I feel lucky to be alive and healthy amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve been quite frustrated with my routine lately. I’m pretty sure millions around the world are facing the same issue. At times you feel nothing seems to be […]


What does a leader really do?

At this very moment, thousands upon thousands of leaders in the fields of medicine, science, and politics are coming together to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. The numbers are still on the rise, which often begs the question what the hell are our leaders doing? Believe me, they’re trying their best. That said, it’s obvious that […]

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A note to middle-managers whose bosses aren’t leading well…

At least that’s how they would like to think. But before I dive any further, I would like to make it clear that I’m neither an expert in “managing-up the hierarchy” nor do I believe there’s such thing as “managing-up.” Why? Because it simply cannot be done. Period. If that disappoints you, I’m sorry, you […]

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To wear or not to wear…

Wearing masks as part of rituals and/or ceremonies have been part of our society since the ancient times. Outside of these situations, however, wearing masks wasn’t a common sighting. At least until the late 1800s when surgeons started to wear them and then the robbers and members of the Ku Klux Klan followed suit. For […]

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Listening intently

I’ve come to believe the listening is an art and nobody can teach you to become a world-class listener over a webinar or a course (online or offline). Sure, the latter will help you understand the principles, practice, and application of listening but things change drastically when you try to do it yourself. Part of […]

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Shoulder injuries suck!

I’ve been battling with mine for the past couple of years. First, it was the left shoulder and now that it’s healed my right shoulder developed some minor muscle tears due to high-volume kettlebell training. I honestly don’t think it was the exercise or form (both were highly effective, I know because I videoed myself […]

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The case about business cases

I honestly don’t feel the need to create business cases unless you’re selling a product or service to a potential or existing client. They would need that kind of documentation in addition to references and use cases to be able to sell your brand internally. I, however, would only invest time in building a case […]

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Make your workplace great again!

I know it’s easier said than done but it sure is up a committed leader’s alley. A fearless organisation is one that provides psychological safety, encourages open communication, and makes it safe for all employees to fail. Of course, I don’t mean failing deliberately but doing one’s best while embracing failures as and when it […]

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On routines… yet again!

I’ve written about routines countless times and I think it all led up to 2020, “the year when earth quarantined itself.” (That’s one heck of a dramatic headline, no?) I’ll be honest, I would be in a hospital for mental treatment if it weren’t for the habits and routines I’d invested so much time to […]

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How do we become more?

As one of the most frequently asked questions that I ask myself, I can tell you, there’s no easy answer. Contrary to the popular notion, having a game plan isn’t enough. From my experience as a professional coach and in addition to what I’ve learned from my mentors, becoming “more” isn’t just a thought or […]