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Behind every successful person

I believe it’s one of the most cliched, overused, and abused maxims of all time. And I definitely don’t think there’s always a woman (or a surprised father/mother-in-law) behind every successful man. We’re living in interesting (and quite different) times and supporting anyone through their success journey requires immense courage, commitment, and sacrifices without any […]

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Don’t wait until it’s too late

Last night I had some time to kill but was way tired to read a book or something interesting online. I wanted to relax a bit, so, I did what any smart, talent, and highly intelligent person would do — log onto Netflix! The voice inside me screamed while browsing through the catalog, “who on […]

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I get knocked out but I get up again…

Participating in ADCC India Nationals 2020 wasn’t just memorable but also quite a leap by all standards. It was one of my first sporting competitions in years and besides all that preparation certainly helped me expand my skills as a jiu-jitsu practitioners to the next level. I think I learned more about the art in […]

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Leadership and self-deception

It’s not only one of my favourite books of all time, it is the book that I have revisited multiple times in a year since 2009. I got to know last week that the book now has a revised and expanded 3rd edition in print. So, I ordered the new edition and gave it a […]

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Managing expectations as a professional

I so wish this could be part of an independent professional’s proposal. I’m not a magician nor do I have a supply of magic pills. I can’t help with your challenges in a 2-hour conversation or even a half-day workshop. Believe me, it took you a lot longer to arrive at this mess and it […]

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The one thing that will save your career

No, switching jobs won’t help. Nor would getting a degree or a certification from a prestigious entity (at least not to the extent you think it helps) will. In an age where our culture’s obsessed with the shiny-object-syndrome, the latest trends, the next big wave of whatever (and god knows what), I believe the basics […]

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Foolproof ways to add value to you organisation

While there many ways if you can think creatively, there are two time-tested strategies leaders can employ to add value to their organisations. Developing people and driving organisational learning. I see them as two sides of the same coin. Yes, I’ve gone at lengths to harp about developing people but that wouldn’t stop me from […]

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Who would fill your chair if you weren’t here?

I read the other day, Mark Cole, the CEO of John Maxwell Companies, once asked his leadership team a question, “Who would fill your chair if you weren’t here?” It’s a powerful question and the one I love the most because it questions our intentions and challenges our assumptions. I think developing a healthy leadership […]

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The Honda Philosophy

The other day I shared the Seven Wastes from Toyota’s Lean Manufacturing Philosophy in addition to my fascination with the Japanese culture (and of course, cars too! Except Suzuki. But that’s because I drive one). Today, I’m excited to share Honda’s philosophy that highlights its fundamental beliefs, the company’s principles (mission statement), and its management […]

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Need to know v/s good to know

Regardless of the skill that you’re trying to master, you can’t skip the fundamentals. There’s no getting around to it. I believe the secret to attaining mastery is essentially and obsession to master the fundamentals. It’s the basics that become more nuanced to become “advanced” in the eyes of the practitioner. There’s a popular saying […]