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Skin in the game

In my estimate, 90 percent of the employees attending a training program are sponsored by their employers. (It’s probably more, but I would rather be conservative than quote something that’s not true.) And almost 50% of these attendees are on programs that may not benefit them directly — neither professional nor personally. Yet, they’re okay […]

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Why haggling for pricing is bad karma for you

Don’t let them haggle I hate to argue. Particularly, over price as I don’t think it’s worth my time or energy to argue over a few dollars when my work’s at stake. Although I’m aware that some people derive absolute pleasure haggling their way to saving a few dollars (pennies, in some cases). I can’t […]

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Give them more than praise

If you’ve ever worked for someone else, you know the importance of rewards and recognition, don’t you? Remember how you felt when your boss said, “thanks everyone for your hardwork, well done,” when everyone clearly knew you busted your ass to get the project delivered on time? Or perhaps, that time when you worked over […]

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A simple GTD system for minimalists

Over the years, I might have experimented with hundreds of systems, apps, workflows, and whatnots to improve my productivity. And while I did help for a while, I got a whole lot burned out trying to find that “ultimate productivity system.” Because none exists and the optimist inside of me wouldn’t give up or listen […]


Leadership is a choice, not a place you sit

I’ve been talking about this for more than a decade and yet I get to meet well-intentioned people who’ve bought into the idea of gaining influence, authority, and riches by way of a leadership position. It’s delusional, toxic, and will ruin any chance of you becoming a leader. Sure, you can be promoted to a […]

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Why you need a coach?

There must be a gazillion articles and videos on why you (or everyone) need(s) a coach or a mentor/teacher for a fulfilling life. But this short chat between Ryan Holiday and Coby Karl in my opinion is probably the best testimonial to why anyone would need a coach/mentor/teacher in life. While it may seem ironical, […]

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Overcoming the fear of being “wrong”

We know fear can stop us dead in the tracks… literally and figuratively. It’s what stops most of us from achieving anything significant in life, let alone greatness. Sure acknowledging your fears is a great start but that isn’t going to help you get past it. What do you do then? I love what Brian […]

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Find the first 10 and then the other 990

If you’re an entrepreneur (perhaps a wantreprenuer?) or know people who are, chances are you have heard or read Kevin Kelly’s take on the 1000 true fans. It’s probably one of the most useful marketing lessons of all time. A practical strategy to maintain one’s sanity while building a sustainable business over time. The only […]

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This probably isn’t for you

One of my missions is to create products and services that makes me fulfilled as a teacher and coach. Yes, I know it’s selfish but I would rather think about my own standards than sucking up to my clients (students, in my case), peers, and authority figures to seek their validation. Marketers and business owners […]

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Could the training and development industry be broken too?

For the longest time the intelligentsia has highlighted the shortcomings of the traditional educational system. Beliefs range from “there’s a long way to go until we get there” to “it’s broken.” Thankfully, the academia isn’t short of committed educators who’re working their butts off to bridge the gap. I’m hopeful that we will get ‘there,’ […]