Growth Hacking

It’s internet’s youngest buzz word among marketers, and most of them just don’t get it. Partially because it’s not traditional marketing. But despite being highly misunderstood, it works.

Sean Ellis (of Eventbrite, DropBox, LogmeIn fame) was perhaps the first Growth Hacker known to the business world (or at least he coined the word). And these days, every other startup in the world desperately seeks a growth hacker to test the growth potential of their businesses.

It’s not just a bunch of techniques packaged together, it goes much beyond that, literally. Growth hackers are known to push their boundaries with their product knowledge to find avenues for growth. Learn more about growth from Neil Patel, who has compiled this excellent resource on Growth Hacking. Learn more about the art of growth hacking from the internet’s # 1 expert on Digital Marketing.

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