Why I write

I write because it’s elementary!

I write to communicate ideas.
I write to change minds.
I write to influence people and make a positive impact in my own life.

I write for myself… as sometimes it’s easy to ignore your own advice. Putting thoughts on paper helps me reinforce my own beliefs when the going gets tough.

I write to challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone.
I write because I emote better on paper.
I write because it’s quicker.

I write because I can always go back to what I said and take out the words that don’t work.
I write because it empties my mind.
I write because I want to learn more of what this world is all about.

I write because I love to.
I write because I was born to do this.
I write because I am a writer and I want to make my words matter.

Why do you write? Think.

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