DUMB Goals!

I remember 12th grade, particularly the day I met my counselor. I was looking forward to meet this person, hoping that he would help me choose the right career path. He blew me away with his wisdom and insights on psychology and why I should be choosing a career for which I have an aptitude… Read More

A Better Servant

(Word of caution: Razor-sharp content — it just might hurt you!) Come to think of it… a journey never ends, never halts; it only slows down. And that’s temporary, because life makes you think, compels you to make choices, and drives you to work hard for what you want. Life, as an active volunteer,… Read More

Do Nothing!

Isn’t it weird that we fight, argue and complain how chaotic an environment can get for productivity and thinking, only to miss it’s when it’s totally silent? It was a long workday yesterday and I decided to stop by Starbucks to wind down my day and reflect on my wins and learnings from the past… Read More