Consistency may be the best strategy

Be it leadership or marketing, the key is success almost always is consistency.

As a leader you have to be consistent with your actions and what you say. They should match. And guess what, when you’re a leader “Most of the time” isn’t good enough. Consistency is the key.

Likewise, marketing a brand is all about consistency. It doesn’t matter if you’re using traditional marketing practices or digital — if you don’t “work your plan” you are doomed!

While most people worry about their “likes” on Facebook and Instagram (what “hearts”?) or “followers” on Twitter, I’d say focus on what matters the most — creating valuable content. And do it everyday. The rest will follow suit.

All it takes is one “like” or “share” to create a snowball effect, but nobody’s going to do that if you don’t show up often or share something that’s not of any value.

As a marketing professional, I think the focus should be on creating value by way of quality product offerings and content marketing. They should always complement each other. And like leadership, neither your product offering nor your content marketing should be good “most of the time.” “All the time” or forget about it.

Relate your marketing efforts to what David Sivers would say if he’s in doubt — it’s ought to be “hell yeah or f%^$& NO!”

Keep it simple.

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