Showing up matters

It took me at a couple of hours to organize my Feedly collections. The focus was particularly on sorting my Content Marketing, and Content Strategy feeds. And as I went through my feeds, I realized that most of these (almost 85 to 90%) feeds weren’t even updated!

Most of them were inactive post-October 2015 (on an average). Wondering what might have happened. Could it be the case of burning out due to lack of ideas? Losing interest? Perhaps a combination of these elements.

Nonetheless, once consumed (and after saving the gems somewhere safe and secure) most of these feeds will find their way to the trash can. Not because the content was bad or stale — it’s just that the modern day curator doesn’t need to hold on to possessions (the feed) to showcase the best of it!

Which brings me to another related matter — consistency. Now, more than ever, the world wants you to be consistent with your Content Marketing strategy. If you blog you have many options — blog daily or multiple times a week. If you’re a minimalist, perhaps just one would do otherwise stick to at least two posts a week.

This morning while listening to Sonia Simone, from, I realized that mixing and match content types can perhaps be a better strategy. Since not all of us have the time or energy to write an epic (or even a short post like this one) post all the time.

She highly recommends combining audio (not exactly podcasts) posts (a-logs?) and text-based posts (not together but in conjunction) for maximum effect. Sonia was of the opinion that videos demand too much attention, which is quite accurate, but I disagree with that. (Think about it, if the user finds the content valuable enough, they most likely will consume the content again! That’s high-value content. And that’s what we’re aiming for, exactly!)

So, consistency means showing up regularly. And you don’t have to work your butt off to write that epic post, try to combine text with audio, video, and perhaps curated posts to keep the momentum going. The important thing to remember is this — keep the ball rolling, because if it stops, you body of work (your blog) will eventually find its way to someone else’s trash can.

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