Setting priorities right

You can do anything that you want to do, but not everything.

That line hit me like a ton of bricks. It’s hard to stay in control or slow down when the world around you revolves at the speed of light! Yet, when I sit back and reflect on how I’m living my life – there’s much to be desired.

I sometimes get the feeling that I’m running at breakneck speed. There’s this desire to just slow down a bit, if not halt. But, heck, there’s just no time for that!

The only saving grace is that I know my priorities. They change often, depending on the circumstances, but it’s that one thing that helps me focus. But I’m not perfect. At times I do get pumped up to do-it-all. Check out my list of key priorities:

  • Research for book project
  • Research, organise and prepare a training program (3-day) to be delivered to a non-profit
  • Aim to deliver at least one training program every other week at my workplace
  • Blog daily
  • Vlog daily
  • Read for at least 2-3 hours everyday

And of course, perform like a rockstar at work. Crazy, isn’t it?

The greatest advice I can give to anyone is not to slow down, but to pace up while enjoying the work that you do. The aim should be to find that extra time to not do something else, but relax and rejuvenate.

Relaxation is the most underrated activity these days. You should make that a priority unless you are headed for a burnout.

If you’re wondering about your list of priorities… Worry not, take it one day at a time. You can’t strike them off of your list every single day, but you sure can dedicate a single day for one of your key priorities. That’s adequate. Yeah, the progress would be slow but it’s better to be remembered for a masterpiece than some random work.

Use your weekends wisely. Dedicate a few hours to your list and strike off the things that you have achieved this past week and plan for the things that you plan to this week. Get into the habit of planning your weeks and months. It will help you immensely, giving you a 50,000 ft. view of the priorities that need your focused attention.

And don’t forget to relax. Most importantly, don’t try to do it all.

PS: Why do I get the feeling that I may have said this before? 😉

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