Getting dumb at making excuses

Wow! July’s almost over. And honestly, it was like a blink in the eye! Have I accomplished anything spectacular? Nope. There’s a lot left to be desired.

Speaking of which, isn’t it strange that we desire so much yet fail to do anything about it? And we know that’s partly due to our belief that “it’s just not practical.” Or because we think we’re lazy — which we are!

How hard would it be to pick up a pen and write down your main goals for the day, week and month? As much as I hope you gain something out of this post, I hope I gain something out of it too. Why? Because I literally let the month slip by and did not prioritize posting on my blog! That’s just not acceptable! Yes, I’ve been busy with some of the other important aspects of my life. Those were important, but so was this!

I haven’t been in the best shape of my life this month — lost 10 full days recovering from a flu. And I just realised that I’ve haven’t been getting better at coming up with creative excuses. I think I’m getting rusty. Which is good.

After all, getting dumber at making excuses could only mean that I can ruthlessly honest with myself. And here’s the truth: I could’ve done better. I let the days slip into weeks. Can I not take out just 10-15 minutes everyday to share my thoughts with the rest of the world? Yes, I can. But I didn’t!

I’ve had several evenings riddled with Netflix shows because I just wanted to relax. Some evenings I just want to read a book. And then there were some when work wouldn’t let me think about anything else. Is that good enough? No! Can it be better? Yes!

The need to monitor and optimise your energy levels by appropriate planning can be tough. Nonetheless, you just can’t do without it. I just saw a month just slip by… you may have had a similar experience. Don’t let this month turn into months and then years… and I hope not your life. Don’t let it. Take control.

Prioritise, and most importantly take action.

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