A thoughtful move? Perhaps…

I’ve been experimenting with my Twitter and Facebook accounts for the past couple of weeks. Trying to figure out the best way to justify and manage activities online. One of the biggest questions that I’m confronted on a daily basis is the amount of time that I have to put in to just maintain these accounts. It’s just a little too much for me, personally.

I know it’s essential but could there be a better way? Twitter certainly has one… it’s quite straight forward in its approach. The conversations can be two-way but the focus is on sharing valuable content. Facebook, well, it was a mixture of personal, a little professional and a bunch of valuable content posted on a daily basis.

My account simply lacked focus. Not anymore. I just placed a request to convert my Facebook profile to a page. More control, lesser feeds to keep track of (I hope so!) and yes, data analytics!

The Facebook page will also give an opportunity to post valuable content online, without worrying about duplicate data or ever running out to stuff to say. It’s the conversations that matters after all. Now that all my friends have become fans, I’ve got a bigger responsibility. To ensure that whatever I post isn’t just some random content but something meaningful that compels people to think about the opportunities out there — to do better, learn something interesting and most importantly, to think better.

Phew! Just thinking about it makes me wonder…

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