Why not having enough time is BS!

Does that sound arrogant? It is. Here’s why — because that’s the truth you don’t want to hear. Heck, that’s the truth I don’t want to hear myself!

I’ve been struggling to “find time” for a lot of things — be it working on content for my presentations or to write daily. Despite having these tasks scheduled everyday, I end up scraping them off by time I hit the bed. Just too exhausted! After all, I’ve got “real” work (read: a full time job) to do. Right?

At times, I do my near and dear ones justice by calling myself “unrealistic” to have so many priorities! But is that being “realistic”?

I once heard Robin Sharma say (paraphrasing) “show me your schedule and I’ll tell yo what your priorities are.” And I’ve been obsessed with having my priorities set and scheduled every day. However, with mounting responsibilities, fulfilling all of them (I’ve got more than a handful to be honest) can be a challenge.

Unfortunately, that’s the sad state of affairs most of us live in.

Here’s the deal: I don’t think scheduling time is enough. At least not anymore. The most important ingredient that we need to build on is the value of DISCIPLINE. Without good ole’ discipline, we just cannot make it!

It’s discipline that differentiates the good from the great. The latter push through their agenda despite how they feel at any given point in time. They push through that one last thing on their schedule, that one last rep in the gym, and that one last round in the ring. They don’t just do it, but give their best. That’s what defines them.

And then I tell myself, “I’m tried?” Or worse! “I don’t have enough time,” or “I’m too busy.” The only way to put an end to this incessant (and unnecessary) chatter is to focus on discipline. Build it, if you don’t have it. Strengthen it, if you already have it.

Just keep pushing! You will get there.

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