Is talent overrated?

I once heard Tony Robbins say (was it Power Talk?) that “Talent is OVERRATED!” Back then, I shrugged it off, just one of those weird things that Tony says. To shock you out of wits. To change your state. Or to give you a new perspective.

Years later, I think he did have a point. We do rely a little more on talent (literally a natural skill or aptitude or more accurately “potential” to do something better) than hard work? But does it make sense?

Talent never got us medals. Hard work did. Some say “luck” matters, I think that’s simply a defence to cover up one’s unwillingness to prepare.

When we think something is beyond us, we literally let “stagnation” take away the power. The idea always have and always will be to, “do the work.” There are no shortcuts.

You won’t ever get to the top using that broken elevator (read: luck and/or talent) you will have to take the stairs. (Thanks Zig for the “take the stairs” analogy, will cherish it for a lifetime!)

And there’s no point in whining about wasting time on what you are doing right now (climb the stairs) to what you can do (reach the top)… It’ll only make the flight of stairs a daunting task. Know that each step will take you closer to the top.

In essence, here’s what I want to say:

  • stop wasting time
  • do the work
  • because no one else will do it for you

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