Splurging is okay. Sometimes.


  1. it’s your money
  2. most people won’t value the things that you value
  3. it’s fun to let them fight for your stuff when you’re dead! (Saddleback leather’s tagline)

Seriously, spend money on things that matter, that add value to your life and lasts long. I hate to pay for same stuff time and again! That’s the case with subscriptions too! Not a big fan. Each time your card gets charged for a service, you wish you had some kind of a life-time deal. (I think that’s the reason why people opt for yearly payment. Who wants to deal with a problem every month? Once a year is bad enough!)

Splurging a little extra brings with it peace of mind and satisfaction. Others may not get it, but that’s fine. You don’t need other people’s validation. It’s your life!

Just buy once and move on!

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