Content Marketing: What it’s not

Having a content marketing plan is a great start! But most entrepreneurs and companies get it wrong.

Publishing content regularly isn’t the only objective. In fact, there can be too much publishing without a proper strategy. In fact, I think it’s counterproductive and expensive over the long haul. Imagining having all of your five departments develop information material.

While it’s a great way to create content, I personally think such content is better suited for internal use only. For the rest of the world, you’re better off having your marketing team (great if you have it, else just hire an agency) work with the respective departments to create content that speaks to the audience about your company, its vision and values and most importantly the sum of its parts.

The rationale? It’s simple — irrespective of the departmental differences, there will be a lot of overlap as they are part of the same organization. Why take the pain to create content that more or less talk about the same things. Remember how you felt when you heard the same thing the fifth time? Imagine paying money for that!

Worse — all this content duplication ends up confusing the target audience. It fails to answer their question: “So what?”

Focus on what the audience wants. Instead of recreating content for different departments, focus on repurposing content for different channels. That’s more effective.

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