Why I love marketing?

Besides that I make a living as a marketer, I am passionate about the profession for several reasons. (Some of which may resonate with you.) It’s a profession that people get into more for their sheer fascination than for money. The latter is subjective anyway. More so because if you love something, money has to follow.

You may have heard that “everyone is in Sales.” That argument applies to marketing as well. So buckle up! Here are the top five reasons why I love marketing!

  1. All marketers are storytellersSeth Godin once said, “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but the stories that you tell.” I can’t explain it any better. For reference, think of Apple Inc. What does that name remind you of? That’s a story!
  2. Your personality type doesn’t matter — I’m an ambivert (an introvert + an extrovert, but mostly an introvert) and firmly believe that one doesn’t have to be an “outgoing” personality to be a successful marketer. You must have the right intent and the right level of knowledge to execute projects and help clients succeed. The latter should always be a work-in-progress (and always should be) I can’t help with the former.
  3. Marketing is diverse — with Digital taking a prominent position in how we strategize and market our (or our client’s) products and services, the number of moving components within marketing has increased many folds. (Note that Digital Marketing is simply “digital,” a medium that Marketers use. The medium has changed, and so have the rules, the principle are still the same! And they always will be.) The barrier for entry into marketing is quite low; all you need is a specialization. It can be content or social media or data analytics or anything in between.
  4. Marketers bring in the money — if you’re one of those to think that your company doesn’t need marketing. You’re wrong. It does. And the chances are that you’re already doing it — “word of mouth” is a form of marketing. You can’t run away from it. In fact, embracing marketing will be the smartest move for your company. For everyone else, investing in marketing is something you should do without fail. More the reason if you’re a small company. You just need three people to start with: the visionary (someone with substantial marketing experience or that could just be you, the founder and/or CEO!), the digital marketer (this person’s more hands on as far as “digital” skills are concerned with a good grip on the basics of marketing) and a content creator (because content is the king! Duh!).
  5. Marketing is here to stay — in fact, so is Sales. No matter what the economy is organizations and nations will rely on salespeople and marketers to keep the wheels in motion. Some might argue that “budget” can be a constraint for marketers during recessions or downtimes. I disagree, we have guerrilla marketing that focuses on low to zero-cost marketing solutions. The possibilities are endless! You just need a little imagination and creativity.

I could hammer out another 45 points on why I love marketing, but I don’t want to overwhelm you with details right now. These five stand out. There’s so much more to come in the future. Just stay tuned!

One more thing — marketers never stop learning. And hence they never stop growing!

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