Document vs Create

November was crazy! Loads of work, learning and eating (not really bingeing)! (I know, I know… it sure sounds like an excuse to not post anything here… but that’s just me… procrastinating! I’m working on it… remember?)

Sometimes work can really tie you down. For good. But then you miss out on the opportunities to reflect. Can’t help it! I just feel like pausing everything and focus on just hustling through the phase that I’m in and get epic stuff done. And then start again. It works. But only sometimes. I do miss sharing my thoughts here.

It’s not a question of “not being able to find time,” but of “knowing your priorities” and see them through. Sometimes it’s just wise to focus on your priorities than smash your head to “make time” and do the things that you love.

Spacing out has its own benefits. For me, personally, it was exploring my strengths and weaknesses in addition to all the awesome things that I learned.

Here’s the most important one: Document vs Create.

I heard Gary Vaynerchuk rant about entrepreneurs who constantly worry about “creating” content. He instead recommends “documenting the struggle” instead of “creating” content. And that makes so much sense! Who gives a fish about what you want to say when they don’t even know if you’ve been burned before?

This rant hit me like a ton of bricks! I’ve been struggling to “create” useful content that I can post here. And I’ve honestly failed! I can hardly think, let alone be creative! We all know how writing can be stressful. “Creating value” opens up the pandora’s box. Leaving you paralysed.

The key is to just go out there and show up.

Document your struggle. It’s simpler, authentic and takes loads of pressure off of you. And guess what? Every struggle brings with it a valuable lesson.

Show up!

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