The 98%: there’s so much out there! For everyone!

I’m a huge fan of Ramit Sethi! I haven’t used any of this products, since they’re expensive, but I believe they are game changers in the real sense. Just go out there and read reviews about his products. Phenomenal!

Moreover, you don’t have to buy any of his products. He gives away 98% of his best stuff for free anyway!

That’s not a typo. He’s built his million-dollar empire by just the 2% he classifies as “premium.” You will find countless students and followers raving about these life-changing products all over the internet.

Isn’t that real power? Knowing that giving away your best stuff wouldn’t leave you powerless, hungry or broke. But richer. I remember reading about the “abundant vs. scarcity mentality” in one of Stephen Covey’s seminal book. And I’ve always thought it to be a nice philosophy to live by. (IT IS HARD WORK! But, nevertheless, I persist.)

I was just checking out Ramit’s website and noticed a subtle design change. One of the items on the menu bar reads “The 98%.”

Just perfect! That’s called living a philosophy!

You don’t have to hold on everything. There’s so much out there. For everyone!

What’s your business holding on to? Are you reaching out?

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