Choice and Control

How often do you wake up next to a dead phone? I know, that is a weird question, but exactly what I experienced yesterday. I woke up next to a dead phone.

It started to act up the evening before. Distorted screen and an unresponsive touch. I irritatingly just turned the phone off. Thinking that it will go away. Which it did.

And I thought 2016 would just fade away… without any fatalities. You see, on the first day of  the year, I broke my leg. And on the last day, my phone broke. (Turned out that the broken phone cost more!)

I remember feeling angry and victimised. I went to bed angry. I woke up angry.

I wanted someone to validate my feelings! And someone did.

A book. The Daily Stoic.

I’ve been reading this masterpiece everyday for the past couple of months and flipped through to find the entry for the 1st of January.

It read: Choice and Control. Learn to differentiate between what we can change and what we cannot. What we have influence over and what we do not.

It’s funny how we’re reminded of the saner things that life wants us to appreciate more. I certainly was clinging to that broken phone as if it were my fault. Nothing in this world could have undone what had happened. The logical conclusion was to get it repaired (didn’t make any fiscal sense) or buy a new phone.

I bought one.

Not carrying a broken phone any more. Are you?

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