Took me more than 30 days to come up with this post. Why? Because I was consumed with the idea of publishing that perfect blog post that will be shared and revered across platforms. What goes? I planned. A little too much.

Create content strategy for blog/personal” has been the most important task on my personal to-do list (I’ve got two — personal and professional) for the past 45 days. And yes, like many others, I’ve had grand plans for the site and my personal brand. I must have spent a good chunk of time just thinking and planning out the right strategy to promote the blog and my personal brand.

Honestly, on paper, I think it’s one of the greatest personal branding strategy in the history of marketing. It was. Until I realised a few minutes ago… it’s the second last day of the month and I am yet to publish a single blog post.

It’s ironic how much time we invest to strategize only to miss the deadline.

It’s no different from the proverbial “rat-race.” In fact, over thinking, analyzing and strategizing have become the new “rat-race.” And I thought I was being productive. Far from it. In retrospect, I was anything but productive.

Marketing lesson: Planning is important. Doing is more important.

Here’s Gary Vaynerchunk’s rant on “Do”ing.

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