Why the “how-tos” and “life hacks” are ruining our minds…

The challenge with content creation is… everyone seems to be doing it! Which is great! They should because they can! Frankly, it’s not the overwhelming quantity of content that’s annoying but the type of content that ruins it for us.

And they’re all the same. At least for the most part.

Go over to medium or perhaps the trending posts on WordPress.com and you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s riddled with how-tos and life hacks! Go over to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook — block quotes and memes. It’s irritating!

I call these hack-posts. Not an original post. Not even a point of view. Simply a swaggerjacked version of what’s trending on BuzzSumo. Besides making our case of information constipation (damn too much info out there!) even worse, the doctors (the gurus, bloggers with a loud mouth but not a lot to say) are just dishing out classic advice on how to get things done. Repetition may be the mother of learning… but she just may bore you to death!

I’m amazed by the amount of how-to info across the internet. If only someone puts the together, we just might solve life’s biggest mysteries! Or perhaps that’s just one of my fancies.

Obviously, like most things these days, hack-posts are popular for a reason. Content creators find it easy to put them together and they rank pretty well on the internet. But is it just about how your post ranks on Google? It sure is if you’re trying to make a living out of your blog or website. I, however, think there’s a better way to create content without relying on tactics that are essentially short-sighted.

Let’s focus on creating value. And let’s ensure that we don’t ever forget about that. It’s the basics.

It’s much simpler (strategy-wise and simple doesn’t mean it’s easy) to stay focused on creating a single value-loaded high-quality post each week than seven posts mediocre posts every week.* The key is to stop trying hard and think in terms of setting up a process for creating content.

My mantra — focus on one and make it an epic one! A long form post goes in depth and surely helps you establish authority. If you have a YouTube channel, for example, just create one or two videos every week. They can be short (5-8 minutes) and should have some educational value. And that’s the “jab” that Gary Vaynerchuk rants about in his videos. He’s got a point. You have to give enough so that you can ask (not take) one day.

If you feel there’s nothing new under the sun, you’re right. There isn’t. But there’s hope, only if you bring your unique thinking into the light. Because there’s only one you. And that makes your point of view unique. The challenge is that creating content or fleshing out your point of view takes time. My suggestion: so be it. Go the extra mile to create content that truly resonates with who you are.

That my friend is what is going to make you stand out.

We’re creatures of habit. We crave for original thought. Either our own or someone else’s. Your rants. Your points of view. Contrarian or conservation. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that we have enough reasons to start communicating with each other as humans.

Worried about SEO? It doesn’t matter. Focus on producing content that speaks to your heart and to your audience. Now that could be a hack post that shares your personal experiences or perhaps a point of view that encourages people to think for themselves. Could there be a reason why the best of the companies or entrepreneurs not talk about “creating content” but to document it or just plain share something that moves them makes them happy or irritate them?

Certainly not creating content about creating content… it’s idiotic!

Speak your truth

*Seth Godin publishes a daily blog. And so do many others. Their posts are short and sweet. And they’re awesome. Because it’s their own point of view. Size doesn’t matter, but if you’re struggling to come up with something of your own perhaps recalibrating your focus is a good start.

*This blog started as a daily blog. Fell flat. At present, I don’t have a routine except that I want to ensure that I post at least once every week. Anything else is just a bonus!

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