Context and Content

Was reading a piece about a senior law enforcement office lynched by the mob. Terrible news! It’s ironic as much as it is annoying to have these people who fight (rather whine and complain) about their rights and justice take someone else’s life.

It’s disgusting.

What’s more? The news site is supported by advertisements, and a little heavy on banner ads. And as I scrolled down to read this piece, I noticed a banner ad by a flower vendor with a clear CTA — buy flowers for your loved ones! (I checked again just now, they’ve removed it now.)

How idiotic? Can we marketers not even nail the basics of online advertising? There has to be a solid relationship between the context (news article here) and content (of the ad). If there’s a gap, you might as well not place an ad in the first place.

Context first. Content second.

Don’t place flowers in a news write up on death.

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