Bored? Here’s why you don’t need anything new

Take a deep breath. And think about the entertainment sources all around us. Besides the good ole’ television (which is gather dust in my apartment frankly) we have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Netflix, YouTube, Blogs, Podcasts and Google (yes, the search engine. You won’t believe how many people are actually obsessed with “searching” something all the time!)

Alright, I may have missed out a few others, but in my opinion the ones above are the most heavily consumed sources for content. Get this:

(And every freaking moron out there is trying to create a podcast! Why? Because some marketing guru said so. Not because they have something valuable to share or say.)

That’s a massive amount of content created/shared/curated everyday! And we’re just talking about the top three media platforms out there.

And despite all this, the most common rant I hear from a wantreprenuer (wannabe entrepreneurs) is: “Hey, I’ve heard that before. Tell me something new! Or “hell, this is boring! I’ve heard this before! Or some variation of “tell me something I don’t know.”

Quite a valid expectation. Right? You’re investing your valuable time after all.

If you’re one of them, here’s a question for you: Did you apply the 10 things that your favorite YouTuber or Facebooker or blogger or podcaster asked you to seriously consider?

No? Great!

That’s precisely why you’re hearing or reading it again. BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T DO WHAT YOU WERE ASKED TO THE FIRST TIME AROUND.

I fail to understand why people can’t seem to get the basics nailed in — all content has some value. Whether it resonates with you or not is not the point because irrespective of its perceived value, how you use the information is what counts. And if you haven’t been able to apply, but still obsess over “fresh” content then my friend you will remain a wantreprenuer.

I think one of the biggest challenges of modern times is the obsession with “more and fresh content.” Which is strange because there’s no such thing called “fresh or brand new content.” None of us fell off the sky with wisdom from the heavens!

There’s only fresh perspective, but then you need it when you’re burned out after incessantly trying and failing at the things.

I think if you’re bored, instead of consuming more content. You should go back to you notes (you do take notes, don’t you? If you don’t, learn that first and consume what you’ve heard or read before again!) and think about how you’re going to apply what you’ve learned.

Craig Valentine in one of his speeches shares a story about his 9th birthday (or perhaps it was his 8th), where he unwraps the gifts only to discover that they were all the same he got the year before! Annoyed, he asked his mom for an explanation to which his mom replied, “because you didn’t use the gifts that were given to you last year.”

Obsessed less about more.

Focus on doing.

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