Get over it!

I caught up with this new trainer at the gym other day. Nice guy. Experienced. Knowledgeable. And we chatted powerlifting, peak performance and nutrition. Just the usual when two strength athletes meet. He knew his stuff.

After our brief encounter, I went ahead to finish my session and let this gentleman do what he does the best. Help people train safely and effectively. I observed how attentive he was towards the members on the floor. He listened, educated and then demonstrated the drills and exercises.

Traditionally floor trainers are usually “spotting” experienced lifters or training a newbie. My gym trainers aren’t any different. I don’t think they understand the value of educating members. And they clearly didn’t get what this new trainer was up to.

Here’s the kicker: one of the other trainers walked up to me with a smirk and suggested, “You should seriously consider the new guy’s advice. He travels almost 40 miles one way, passing by at least a 100s of gyms, to spread his “knowledge and wisdom.” I looked at him, smiled and continued with my training.

Got me thinking though. People really are insecure. And they still don’t understand the value of educating people. Especially their clients or potential clients in this setup. The new trainer is building a solid foundation of trust that will surely impact the way his clientele grows in future.

While the haters continue to hate him, the new trainer would go on to educate more people and hence, walk away more customers than others can imagine. Why? Because people just trust him more.

I’m amused by how people think of themselves as an expert and hold on to their “trade secrets.” There isn’t a thing called a “trade secret” to begin with. If you’re in service, you give. That’s it! That may mean handing out your best advice or tactics. Or perhaps something that’s so valuable that your competitors might want to steal it from you!

The focus is always on the bigger picture: the more you’re willing to give, the faster you build your reputation as a trusted adviser.

What’s stopping you? Your insecurities? Get over it.

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