The problem is that we try too hard!

I’ve been “trying” to post regularly but have honestly sucked at it. Reason? Procrastination. Lack of content. And perhaps a million other things that won’t make any sense to me — let alone you.

Sure, I can’t be Seth Godin and post short snippets every day. Nor am I Neil Patel to post a sub-2,000 word piece every other day. I sometimes get the feeling that we’re so obsessed with creating an impact or refining our personal brand that we’ve become slaves to SEO or the latest content marketing strategy.

We want everything to just work.

Not exactly a bad thing. Just that we miss out on enjoying the process. I’ll be honest. There’s only so much I can post or want to post about content marketing, strategy, marketing and/or the latest Google AdWords or Facebook Ads hack. There’s more to my life than marketing.

Not everything I do has to monetized.

Not everything I do has to be read by my 1,000 true fans (alright 990 fans… I sure do have 10 people who read this blog — 8 of them are family)!

Not everything I write here will be read.

And that’s just okay. Remember the good old days when blogs use to be well, personal diaries for public’s entertainment? When the term content marketing strategy wasn’t even coined. I think we need to get back to those times.

No, I don’t intend to transform this blog into my personal diary. Nor am I advocating sloppiness for blogs that are already creating valuable content. I, however, am challenging our greed for consuming and creating more content. Irrespective of how much value you’re delivering to your audience.

And that’s a valid question too: how much value can you deliver or consume? Would there ever be an end to it? You and I know the answer to that.

So, that leaves us with just one option. To enjoy the process. Which means you don’t have to kill yourself to create content that’s super-valuable to your audience or will rank well on SEO. (Tell me how does that feel?) It sure does mean that you can be yourself. Vulnerable. Free. And most importantly, enjoying this process.

Stop trying so hard. Remember at the end of the day, the content you create resonates with the character you portray. A consummate professional or someone just like the person reading or listening or watching your body of work.

Whom would you like to do business with? For me, I’d go for one who’s more human.

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