Love the struggle?

The other day I was having a conversation with a couple of my close friends on life, balance and priorities. And just like all the times, I had to defend my take on why I’m so busy all the time.

Are my priorities even necessary?

Why bother focusing on so much when life’s so short?

Why do I want to do much? Am I obsessed or possessed?

All fair questions. But my idea of a life well lived is so dang different than what people may have in mind.

I don’t get satisfied easily. And I get bored with things too! And I deeply appreciate the value of variety in life. Not so much as it distracts you from your main goal, but enough to keep you engaged and wanting more from life to push yourself towards your main goals.

Sure, I’ve had my challenges. My principles and concepts have evolved from years of trials and errors. And despite all of the progress I sometimes feel I’m just getting started.

Nonetheless, when it comes to priorities, I’m just like any other whippersnapper (of sorts) — I’m ambitious and set lofty goals for myself. But over the years I’ve learned to narrow these goals down to the areas that I truly want to grow.

Instead of 25 goals, I just focus on the 5-7 goals that will truly improve the quality of my life.

These can be financial goals. Though I think we’re better served if finances are best served as a reward for the journey you’re experiencing/enduring than a goal in itself.

Now having 5-7 goals means that you will have to work towards it every day. There are not shortcuts around that. Sure, you can take it easy on days but you can’t afford to be a slacker about it. That doesn’t work.

And yes, it is stressful which is why it’s critical to assess your goals and your commitments towards them. Instead of seven, perhaps you’re better off with three just now. If you want to take it easy probably just one goal would do too!

The point is having the self-awareness to take on what you can truly commit to. Everything else is basically white noise. Or perhaps you’re one of those who wants to have it all but doesn’t want to work. Dream on, mate!

My friends above are super focused on their lives few important goals. And I respect them for that. For me, however, that doesn’t challenge me enough.

I have a massive risk appetite. And I can hustle like crazy. And I love the process more than the joy of achieving success. It’s weird to some. But means a lot to me.

I’d say goals can come later. Invest time to know yourself first. Scribble down what’s important to you and be honest with yourself. Do you really want to work toward your big-hairy-audacious-goal? If it’s a yes, go for it! If no, reassess and repeat!


One response to “Love the struggle?”

  1. Hey
    loved the how the post has been concluded
    It’s not merely a justification to your way of thinking but also gives a direction to the reader towards self awareness.
    I myself have struggled with keeping goals that I want to achieve without really knowing why I want to commit to them.

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