Memento Mori/You’re going to die!

One of stoicism’s core tenets is to be aware that life’s really short. And although I wouldn’t classify myself a stoic (yet), I believe we ought to give the shortness of life some serious thought.

Take a look at this fascinating web app:

I don’t have to say what it does. But both you and I now know that the clock is ticking and despite your best intentions, you are going to die. I’ll be honest, for more than 14 months I avoided going to the site until I mustered the courage to finally go and find out. I was disappointed. Not enough time. But there won’t ever be enough time to live.

Yes, I know, that’s negative talk! Depends on how you look at it, however. This could be the moment you make a choice to close the tab and move on to Facebook. Or you could close the tab and reflect on your true priorities.

It’s fascinating what being aware of your expiration date can do for you.

Just earlier today I had a conversation with one of my dear friends and I shared how much I despise writing for others and instead would love to write for myself (like I am right now). And how after studying my patterns all through December last year (2017, just a few days back, come on!) I’ve realized that I really enjoy teaching and helping others succeed.

I’m yet to chart the way ahead but I am deeply self-aware of my strengths and what I truly want to do.

What about you?

The clock’s ticking. You better hurry.


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