Let them have their accident somewhere else…

Reflecting on the week that just went by is my favourite thing to do. Particularly on a Friday evening when I’m stuck in traffic.

Had a full 180 seconds to go before green light and then a never-shattering impact! I shuddered… but I was safe. Looked into my rear view mirror to see the same bunch of guys I’d passed by just a few seconds ago. They were busy making their drinks… one couldn’t really miss what they were doing since it was a small car.

I turned on the hazard lights and got out of the car. This burly guy got out from the car and apologised. And so did the guys (a hefty bunch I must say) from inside the car. One into their eyes and I could tell they didn’t mean it.

The driver mentioned that he’ll be happy to pay for the damages.

I honestly had two options. Negotiate the amount for damages or punch that sucker in the face. Yeah, I could call the cops too.

I didn’t do anything. Didn’t even say a single word. I turned around, got inside my car and counted backwards from 20. The light turned green and I drove away.

I didn’t feel any guilt or shame for walking away from a situation that was clearly not worth my time, energy or long-term impact on me or the drunkards.

I’m sure some might strongly feel I should’ve done something. Heck, even I feel I should’ve done something about the situation. But what? And how will it affect my or their behaviour?

The answer wasn’t convincing enough. So, I chose to quit. And I’m glad I did. Because it didn’t seem like a battle that’s worth my energy or time.

Do you choose your battles wisely? What’s distracts you from doing that?

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