Meditation won’t fix it..

It’ll only make your patient enough to keep trying until you fix it. As an active Transcendental Meditation practitioner, I know for sure that mediation is simply a means a to a bigger end.

No, it’s not enlightenment. Not everyone wants it. And not everyone would get it. That’s me just being real.

We meditate for different reasons. Enhanced mental health, lesser stress, increased balance and discovering spirituality (and a hundred other important objectives) are strong reasons to meditate.

However, as much as we like the idea of meditating… it’s the process that’s difficult and makes people want to quit. I’ve known that myself. I’ve been on and off of meditation for a good part of my practice.

In fact, I restarted it a couple of weeks back. After being frustrated for more than four months of not finding the time to meditate. It’s surprising how easy it is to do that when you leave your phone aside and just sit down and shut your eyes.

The next 20 minutes is where lies the practice part of the meditation. It’s the most frustrating, unnerving, yet beautiful part of meditation.

Some days you have it. Some days you don’t. Just like anything else in life. Expecting your sessions to be perfect is idiotic! Heck, even you look a tad different (read: a day older) every time you look into the mirror.

Instead of focusing on how you feel. Try. Harder. And keep at it. Some days will suck. Some will be great. You don’t quit. You just keep trying.

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