Please don’t be a motivational speaker

I’m sick and tired of listening to people trying to motivate me (when I honestly don’t need it…) or others (most don’t need it either)! Besides that fact, one of my recent pet peeves is this — young folks trying to become a “motivational speaker” because they’re inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk or Tony Robbins or both.

With all due respect — both Gary and Tony have busted their butts to be where they are right now. They have the right drive, authority and intent to speak from the stage and rouse the audience. What about you?

Posting pictures of your awards or trophies on the socials wouldn’t do much if the topic you spoke on was “How will use the iPhone if I were a 6-year old” or worse — your rendition of “The ladder of success.” I can’t help but cringe when I see these pictures with 100 likes/hearts. Not that I’m not happy for them, I am, but I just happen to know their intent behind all that. For the most part that’s instant credibility. And that doesn’t work.

Also, does the world really need yet another motivational speaker? There are many! And that’s a major challenge if you haven’t sensed it yet. The speakers’ market is loaded with folks just like you who’ll deliver a speech at half the cost and provide as much the value you will provide. Which, I gotta be honest, wouldn’t be much. Why? You lack the experience. Period.

Sure, you’ve got a perspective. Just like Gary and Tony have but perspectives don’t make much an impact as an insight or an opinion drawn from years of experience does. I think we have this stupid notion of talent is more important than hard work. Which isn’t the case in real world. (Though it sounds so cool! Doesn’t it?)

We’re all talented in our own ways. That’s akin to a crowded market with a lot of speakers! In essence, I think Stephen King was right. Talent indeed is cheaper than table salt.

Don’t rely on your talent alone. Or your speaking skills. If you have them, great! Work towards gaining real-world experience and learn something new. Or perhaps learn a new way to do something old. Now that’s valuable!

The magic formula, in my opinion, is to work + gain experience + time = credibility or authority. If you are looking for shortcuts you will be disappointed.

Hustle. Your actions will speak louder than your words.

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