Buy one, give two!

I get to see a SALE everywhere! And a flurry of text messages every other hour reminding me to not miss this end-of-the-season sale. Countless emails! Even my friends tell me to not-miss-the-sale!

So, yesterday I decided to just mute out all that noise and think. And I realized that it’s just January… is winter already ending? Huh? When does the season actually begin? And what seasons do these brands actually refer to?

Funny thing is that there’s no sale when I’m actually on a lookout for something I truly need. So years ago I decided to not chase the sale but buy stuff at its full price. Which can be a little hefty at times, but then what the heck! You gotta buy what you need to buy. I don’t see a point in waiting.

This “season” I decided to do something else. Declutter. I gave away bags of stuff (outdated gadgets, supplements, batteries, clothes, and just stuff lying around in my house). I cleared out almost half of my closet in like 15 minutes!

I know Marie Kondo will be very upset, but I honestly didn’t have much time to ask “does this thing bring joy to my life?” Too much time reflecting. Doesn’t work for me when I’m in the “decluttering” mode. My question was simple: “have I used this for the past 6 months?” If it’s a “yes,” I keep it back. If it’s a “no,” I toss it. Simple.

Last week, I felt the need to buy a new shoe for daily wear. Something that I can alternate with my favorite pair of Adidas’s SuperStar. So, I went out and bought another pair of the shoe (an all-black one, the other had the white stripes). After reaching home, I audited my shoe rack and noticed a couple of dusty formal shoes. And popped came the question in my head.

Fifteen minutes later, I saw one happy housekeeping staff leaving my apartment. I think I just made his day. I almost patted myself on the back before realizing that the new pair of sneakers were upwards of $100 (and you can’t get SuperStars on a discount. Ever! At least not from any of the Adidas stores)! Yikes!

Nonetheless, the sense of satisfaction you get when to stick to the essentials cannot be described in words. It keeps you grounded.

Owing less has been one of my most gratifying pursuits. It’s a lifelong commitment one that motivates you to own less while doing more good. And I find the buy one, get two philosophy quite appealing.

It’s hard for people to stop buying completely. I get it. I’ve been there and know from first-hand experience, it’s next to impossible to abstain from buying new belongings. But you surely can give up on two of your old possessions in lieu of that brand new item you bought. (If you bought two new items, give away four. So on and so forth.)

Sure, you won’t turn into a philanthropist overnight, but that would suck as a goal to being with. And yes, while your contribution may not change the world but it surely can change someone else’s while altering your perspective.


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