Experiment. Observe. Apply. Repeat.

It’s funny how our quest to constantly better ourselves never ends. It can be a pain in the butt. Not just for the ones around us, but for us as well.

How many times have I heard, “Sunil, you need to stick with one thing. You can’t go around and try new things ALL-THE-TIME!” Unfortunately, they don’t have much to say when I ask, “why not?”


Here’s my rationale, since there isn’t a rule book out suggesting that we only get to choose five things in life. No one’s stopping me to try new things. Why not?

Of course, I’m not suggestion we not carve a niche for ourselves. We should. But how would you know what to specialize if we don’t even know what’s out there? Trying to be an expert in that one thing in front of us (or whatever one else or your best friend seems to be doing) isn’t really a well thought strategy.

Here’s why I frequently experiment — it allows me to double down on my rate of failure. The more I try, I more I fail. The more I fail, the more I learn. And the key always is to focus on the good stuff that you end up learning.

And there’s always something good to learn.

The most gratifying part of it all is getting to develop a mindset that is willing to take risks while allowing you to reflect and study your flaws deeply.

In my opinion, having a mindset like that is akin to having the highest individual setting to unleash the best of you!

And remember, the good shit sticks! Always.

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