First things first

Keeping track of finances isn’t the most exciting project in my life. But tracking where my hard earned money goes has been an astounding experience. And now that I’ve been bitten by the bug, there’s no stopping.

It’s just beautiful to see your life falling into place when you prioritize and discover the hole that leaks your money. Now, I haven’t been perfect. Far from it. But the process helped me understand my spending patterns. Which further allowed me to curb my enthusiasm each time I’m ready to pull out my wallet.

And yes, I did went on a spending spree a couple of weeks earlier but that’s over now. I broke my budget but decided to reconcile my accounts and start over. This time I reallocated whatever money I to the pure essentials (housing, insurance, daily expenses etc.) before I let the “quality of life” goals (travel, car, retirement) and other details took over.

The process took me less than 30 minutes and boy, was I relieved? If peace of mind feels like heaven, that’s what I experienced. So much at ease.

And I noticed that’s generally the case when we use our resources (money, time and energy) on our priorities than distractions. But the key lies in stay focused on them throughout the process while stocking for failures and distractions.

Falling off the wagon is part of the process. However, in order for you to get to your destination (financial freedom, uber productivity or vibrant health) you need to get back on the wagon instead of abandoning it.

Just remember to keep the first things first.

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