Here’s my analysis of the years that have gone by:
From 1 to 10: Age of Innocence and curiosity
From 11 to 20: Age of Rebellion and self-discovery
From 21 to 30: Age of Learning, taking risks and knowing your strengths
From 30 to 40: Age of Wisdom, converting your weaknesses into strengths. Achieving your DREAMS
And there’s more to come, of course! And no, it’s not my birthday. 
Been reflecting on some of the decisions that I’ve made last year. Particularly the ones that I stuck to. Most important of which is to start saying NO to things. 
Unfortunately, I had to start at home. And I’m glad I did. The newfound understanding helped my family support me better. They helped me remain strong. That means that I continue to say NO to the things that do not add value to my life. Sure, opinions may vary but I would like my life to be driven by my own agenda than someone else’s. 
It’s hard to follow that to the tee when you’re working for an organization. But it’s much simpler if you have a framework to follow. It could be as simple as blocking out time first thing in the morning and focus on the high-value activities. Your life’s high-value activities.
But the key lies in determining what’s important to you. Once you do, never let anyone or anything get in your way. 
Our choices are pretty simple: drive our own agendas or be driven by other people’s agenda. You will realize which one’s more important to you as you get older. I have. 

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