Too tired to write…

Really, I am. After a grueling (yet fun and entertaining) 8-hour long kettlebell workshop, the only thing I can think of is sleep.

But I wanted to write. Though I don’t have a clue what to. I started out with a few ideas but am mentally too drained to think deeply. Which brings me to this topic — what the hell do you write when you’re mentally exhausted?

I’m not sure. Just being honest. If I’d known… you wouldn’t be reading this.

My strategy (of late) is pretty straightforward: write anyway.

Observe and identify your most pressing thoughts and document them.

Writing is a journey after all. A blog just happens to be the perfect medium to stay on track.

What’s the worst that could happen? My followers (a few handful of them) will choose not to “like” this post? Or perhaps some would decide to unfollow me because I’m so unprofessional.

Fair enough. But that won’t stop me from putting in my reps. Because simply putting it off for another day will only delay it by another day. And then some. We know how it goes. Don’t we? A day becomes a week, then a month, then a year and then you die. You’re so much better off to have “done the work” than miss out on your reps.

And why miss them? I’d rather be vulnerable and let the world know that I suck than give them an illusion of brilliance. Because I can’t keep up with that image.

The challenge is that we need to be reminded of putting in the reps. We don’t do it often. And there’s got to be a way I could remind myself each time I’m not my strongest self.

Including right now.

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