Clarifying intent = faster results

I think we beat around the bush when it comes to getting things done. Particularly in a team setting. Instead of being direct we try hard to massage our ideas through to the team.

Not an effective strategy. Leaders who clarify their ideas with their intent are often the most respective and attributed to getting results. The formula is quite simple: don’t leave them guessing. Spell it out.

If that calls for an argument or a debate. Great! By the time you’re through, both you and your team will be at a better place than you’d started. Chances are you’ll have a better perspective of how things are and how they could be now that you have a new point of view. One that’s closer to the ground reality.

Yes, there is a time and place to coach your teams and/or individuals to think for themselves and for the business. Just not when you’re approaching a deadline or have a need to get things done shortly.

The why sells your idea much effectively than your what. And sometimes being blunt is good. It saves time.

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