Why learn to write copy?

Confession: I wouldn’t ever classify myself as a copywriter. Not even a competent one.

Though I did my share of copywriting when I was beginning my career in marketing and communications. My first job as a PR assistant at a local transportation agency taught me a lot about marketing, sales and persuading people using words.

That was 16 years ago. I barely write copy these days. Although sometimes I’m tempted to do so. You know how former Olympians feel when they see the new-gen athletes win medals and smash records? It’s like a fire in their bellies. And that’s exactly how I feel when I read a well-written copy.

Anyway, if you think writing copy is for people who want to be copywriters or content marketers you will sorry. Here’s what copywriting teaches you to:

  1. Become a better blogger. Writing a blog isn’t about selling but learning to write copy teaches you how to capture people’s attention and persuade them to take a concrete action. In essence, you’ll write less crap and more of content that is substantial and provides value.
  2. Become a synthesizer. Alright, not the musical instrument. But someone who can combine a number of different data or information points into a coherent whole. Something that is more meaningful and thus, more valuable. You also pick up the ability to simplify information. And that’s an art. Seriously!
  3. Become a mind-reader. Almost. And definitely a notch better than Shawn Spencer of Psych. Learning to write copy helps you take a deep dive into the minds of your target audience. How they think? How they react? Their pain points. The solutions they’re seeking. And most importantly, how the product or service you’re selling resonates to their key challenges or pain points. Think of copywriting as a blend of marketing, psychology, sociology, and sales.

Now, you don’t have to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars to become a decent copywriter. Good enough is great unless you want to be the best. And not everyone wants to be the best in the game of copywriting. And that is OKAY!

Check out these two resources below and you’re set for life.

PASTOR formula

The Ultimate Guide to No-Pain Copywriting (or, Every Copywriting Formula Ever)

Believe me. That’s all you need to think and write like a copywriter. Most importantly, it will take your writing a notch higher than what it is right now.

If you want to be a professional copywriter, know that you’re in for a lot of competition. Learning the art, science, practicing is a massive time investment. And just like any other profession, it will take you years to get to a level when you can command high fees.

I would start from what I have and work my way up. Maybe, that’s all you need to start writing effectively.


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