Fix it before it’s too late

I was listening to Jordan Peterson on Joe Rogan‘s podcast last week. And boy, I was blown away! I first read an article about Jordan in The Atlantic. Got a little confused but didn’t’ go in deep to know more about Jordan. My bad. But thankfully, he appeared on Joe’s and James Altucher’s podcasts.

There are two things you should know about Jordan — nobody is talking about the things he dares to talk about. And he knows what he’s talking about. Enough said.

The first thing I did after listening to him was to subscribe to his podcast. If psychology, spirituality, complex ideas, and topics like the structure of the world and how it works appeals to you. Look no further.

A word of caution: his passion is contagious. And unlike other “motivational gurus” out there, Jordan doesn’t go into vagaries. His arguments will appeal to your logic and make you think harder. You may not get motivated but he will make you ponder about your life. From an all-new perspective. And that’s valuable. To anyone!

Sorry, I digressed! Back to Joe’s podcast, I heard Jordan talk about fixing the aspects of life that hold dear to us. Of course, trivialities don’t matter. But things like our routines, job, relationships and how we spend our quality time adds up. Eventually.

So, if you’re spending six hours daily suffering through your routines (morning and evening) and sour relationships (spouse, children, friends, parents) you are basically throwing away 1/5th of your life!

Think about it! If you’re spending six hours every day over your routines and relationships:

  • Spending 42 hours in a week
  • 168 hours in a month or 21 productive working days (on top of your 40-hour work week)
  • 2016 hours in a year or 84 days or more than a couple of months
  • 2 full years over a decade!

Just being miserable! That’s mind-boggling! And ridiculous! And our damned life! How conveniently are we wasting it away?

Everything adds up. And the sooner you take a step towards fixing things, the better. Of course, you don’t have to fix everything all at once. Focus on just one thing. And then another. And then some. It adds up. Just like those hours, days and weeks. But towards a more positive and fulfilling life.

People often complain — “that’s a great advice! But where do I start from?” Jordan says, “start with something that you probably shouldn’t be doing.” 

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