“Write what you know” is a stupid advice

Yeah, it is! And I’m not an ignorant moron nor am I try to shake up a controversy when I say that. (Come on! Like you, I’ve got better things to do too!)

Here’s what I mean — writing what you know severely limits your options. And honestly, there’s only so much you can talk about what you know. Sure, advancements happen all the time helping you learn a new hack or two and talk about that. But then what?

Where’s your learning?

I believe real learning happens when you diversify your interests and relate it back to your core area(s) of interest. In my case, that’s marketing, learning, writing, powerlifting, coaching, training, technology and philosophy! I love them all! But I’m a marketer (or storyteller as Seth Godin would put it) by day and everything else around the clock!

I draw inspiration from almost every aspect of life and try to bring it back to my areas of interest. It not only makes my experience so much more memorable but also bolsters my creativity.

A major chunk of all ideas expressed in this blog has come that way.

Can you imagine how restricted I would feel if I’d just focused on marketing? Heck, I’m convinced I’d be a lot more boring that how you find me right now!

Next time you’re stuck with an idea, don’t stay stuck. Instead, take a deep dive and explore further. Go into the unchartered territories and see what you find. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.


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