Don’t read out of your comfort zone…

I’m obsessed with learning. And that means books, articles, periodicals, videos, podcasts, vlogs, info-products and everything in between! The volume of content that I (and a million other people) consume is massive — and even that’s an understatement!

I default to reading as my preferred way to consume content. It’s easier and doesn’t take much of an effort. And over the past years, I’ve read content that lays out a roadmap, blueprint or the key to be successful in my chosen field.

Yet, all I hear is crickets!

If that’s you or one of your friends… I’ve got a solution that you’ll absolutely LOVE! And here it is!


You can’t ever read out of your comfort zone. No matter how smart, talented or driven you are everything boils down to taking action. And most of us don’t! Listen, I’m no different, like I said, I’ve spent a chunk of my life preparing for the fight… without actually getting into the battle. And when I finally did, I got beaten up. Badly!

You can’t learn a martial art by just watching a YouTube video! You need to get on the mat and spar! There’s no way around that! Thinking otherwise is plain stupid! (Yeah, I’ve been stupid myself… it ain’t so bad, just that you end up wasting a lot of time!)

I would like you to develop a bias… for action. That’s what will keep you moving forward. Everything else is pushing you further away from where you want to get.


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