Macro patience, micro speed

I know that you know that I absolutely dig Gary Vaynerchuk! He resonates with me, my philosophy in life and a couple of more reasons:

  1. he’s practical
  2. he hits you hard
  3. (bonus) he doesn’t give a damn what you think about him!

Last night I bumped into this piece (from Gary’s entry) in Tim Ferriss’ Tribe of Mentors. Though of sharing it with you.

macro patience micro speed

Makes sense. Right? We’re so obsessed with our future that we fail to leverage the present and make the most it. The ungodly amount of time that we spend just “preparing” or “getting ready” or “unwinding” is massive!

Sure, we got to balance it all out. And I’ll be the first in line to say that there’s more to life than work… like “rest.” But really? Are you truly, honestly working 12-16 hours a day? How about 8 hours?

I track my time. Every day. I wouldn’t disagree if you think it’s a weird habit. But wait till you do that yourself. You’ll be hooked. I’ll tell you why — you will know how much do you actually work. You focus suddenly shifts towards utilizing your time and squeezing the most out of the time you’re working.

When I started to track time, I realized that on my most stressful days, I timer simply said 7 hours and 12 minutes. That’s it! It felt like 16 hours… but I actually just worked for 7 hours and 12 minutes. Imagine what all can I achieve if the timer says 10 hours. Can you? Let me tell you this — a LOT!

But like most of us, I get distracted. I get pulled into the socials and do things that really don’t deserve my attention. Is that normal? Yeah, why not? Is that productive? Heck, no!

The point is simply this, to complement the big picture we have in our minds. We have to work really hard and make every moment count. Sure, you and I can’t ever be like Gary. But you and I can be accountable to ourselves and ensure that we’re consciously spending time on the things that matter. The ones that count towards our big picture.

I leave you with this curated video created by one of Gary’s fans. It nails the point right in the head. Enjoy!


Remember, speed is of the essence. Make it matter. And be consistent. As we know, consistent speed over a period of time goes the distance. Be patient. You will get there.

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