My daughter turned 2 today.

And for a change, I decided to work-from-home and spend the first half of the day with my family. We went to a temple nearby and then had our breakfast at a local restaurant (owned by my better half’s brother-in-law… which makes him my brother-in-law too. I guess. Unsure how that works).

I’ll be honest. For the first time in many years, I felt “okay” to be part of our family celebrating a birthday. I didn’t think of work and what was lined up for the day. Afterall, the list would still be there when I get back home. And the task would still have to be done despite how tired or excited I feel.

Going back to birthdays — some of us sure do feel “it’s just a number ticking forward.” But I think there’s much more to it…

Think about the learnings you’ve had, the setbacks you’ve endured and the good times that put a smile on your face. How valuable would it be if you could just reflect on these memories? Relieve them if only for a few minutes since they’re not coming back.

I guess that’s why we celebrate birthdays. To remember the glorious year that just went by and the great future ahead of us.

It’s more than just a number ticking forward. It is your life. Make it count.


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