Over “doing” can get addictive…

Here’s an alternative take to all that “do” porn out there. Yes, I know, I have a bias for action as well. In fact, if there’s such thing called “do porn” I’m addicted to it! But for a different reason. And it’s definitely not because I’m any better but that we’ve quite good at saying what we’re going to do than actually doing what we say we’re going to do.

And someone has to break that cycle. You and I have to.

Nonetheless, like all addictions “over-doing” can be bad for you as well. It might be worth its while to just pause and experience life in the flow.

I’m a big time James Altucher follower and have been reading his blog and daily emails for the past couple of years. He never fails to amaze me! Here’s a snippet of what he had to say in today’s email.


I failed at a company once. And I had to rest afterwards. At first I thought, well I better start another company.

But then I ended up doing nothing for awhile. No writing. No company-starting. Just back off. Just learn. I ended up meeting someone I was in love with.

I ended up writing random things without caring what people thought.

A lot of people said, “this is like watching a train wreck in real time”.

Doing nothing and not caring made me a train wreck. The book based on that writing has sold 600,000 copies so far.

I made some money doing consulting and speaking. I traveled a bit. I made friends. I kept afloat.

And then things started happening again. I started DOING.

But first I had to be still. You can’t appreciate the light until you are sitting completely quiet in a room filled with dark.

I’d walk by the Hudson River. I’d throw walks in. Sometimes I’d wade in until I was underwater, floating, thinking of nothing.

Even if it sounds counterintuitive, sometimes there is a lot to be gained by not doing anything. By just being still. It compels you to choose wisely and be conscious about your decisions.

After all, you cannot appreciate the light if you haven’t ever been in a room filled with darkness.

Stillness ultimately creates, Doing often destroys.

— James Altucher

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