Getting real about “coaching conversations”

While it’s great to see companies foregoing the dreaded annual performance review, it equally hurts to seem some of them embracing “coaching conversations” because of its potential. Why? Because having a system doesn’t do a thing for your employees. That’s like boasting about your potential power… the real power lies in execution.

Unfortunately, that’s where the gap is — having real “coaching conversations” that literally tilts perspectives, visions and stops you (the employer/entrepreneur/stakeholder/owner/CEO/CHROs) dead in the tracks. I don’t see a point in having “coaching conversations” on paper every four to six months followed by an actual conversation with a line manager.

No, that’s not it. There’s more to coaching than these fake agenda-loaded conversations that resemble someone stabbing a knife and twisting it further. Just to make a point. If you’re wondering why it doesn’t work, let me tell you — it damn hurts! Sure the employee may survive… but not for long. And definitely, not with you.

When you coach, you partner with your employee and team members. That’s different from making guests appearances every quarter. Coach them to set goals that serves them the best (in alignment with your company goals, of course!) and support them throughout the journey. Until they achieve their goals and realize their potential.

It’s time-consuming. And that’s why I wouldn’t recommend the HR to do it all. Nurture coaches within your organization or facilitate coaching from outside to have these conversations. It’s an investment that you’re making in your employees and team members. And they’re going to thank you for that.

And yes, the ultimate goal of coaching is to empower coachee to coach themselves in the long run. And that’s an investment that keeps on giving.

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