Coaching and the “leadership lid”

The other day I talked about the “leadership lid” which is our ability to lead and it’s impact on our overall success. I was deliberate on not going too deep into the “hows” of raising the lid by growing our ability to lead. It’s obvious isn’t it — self reflection and a lot of external reinforcement in the form of books, audiobooks, podcasts, seminars, workshops and the like.

I get the feeling that we default into the “external reinforcement” strategy. It’s seems more accessible and downright easier than self reflection after all. That said, I’ve come to believe that self-reflection is the most powerful form of intervention one could experience. Here’s why — you already have all the answers. External reinforcements may fill your mind up with theories, stories to back those theories and then some more but true inner reflection will lead you to take action.

And leadership, as you and I know is all about taking action. Excecution is the only true measure of success. Of your effectiveness as a leader.

Which brings me to the most important point — coaching (self or otherwise) is the most effective way to raise your leadership lid. Why? Because a coaching process literally walks you through transformations and prepares you for a lasting change. Something that external reinforcement alone fail to deliver.

Now, you don’t have to hire a coach. If you can afford it, great! More power to you. If you can’t, start journaling and make self-relfection part of your daily routine. The more you do, the more you become self-aware and putting your strengths to work. The transformations take more time via this route than hiring a coach but you’re sure to evolve into the leader that you’ve always wanted.

And your evolution as a leader has a direct influence on your leadership lid. You can’t help but raise it upwards as you grow and develop into a reflective leader.

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