No experience required

Each morning I check my inbox for some junk mail (I’m partially kidding) selling me stuff, dreams, and ideas that not only sound stupid but ARE stupid!

If that sounds harsh… you’re either an internet marketer or trying to build an online business. And if you are, here’s a tip — please don’t make false promises. They don’t work. Instead, offer your clients (potential or real) value. Something they can truly use.

Last evening I received an email titled “no experience needed.” I clicked on it… and it’s the usual stuff. A free “webinar” that’s going to sell me some secrets. All I need to do is opt-in for the future videos in the series (usually four, thanks to Jeff Walker) leading to the big launch of a high-ticket information course worth $4,997! Easily payable in 12 installments of $499 only! Here’s the cool thing — if you sign up today, you’ll get the product for just $2,999!

Sounds familiar?

I’m sick of it. Bored, actually.

We need a better strategy. A better way of thinking. And yes, a better way to market our products, ideas and our stories.

What I hate (yeah, I know it’s a strong word!) about us marketers is that we sell the idea of raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars while still being a half-assed moron! I mean come on!

Let me break the news — you have to have basic competence. In something before you can do a decent job at anything. I’m not talking about expertise here. Just competent. Enough to be labeled “good.” That’s all I’m asking. Anything less is nothing but strategically ripping your customers off! And I wouldn’t recommend that.

As a coach, I don’t need to be an expert in my client’s field of expertise. I don’t have to be better than them. I’m not a consultant. But a coach. I partner with them to achieve breakthroughs. I help them master their (not the topic, subject or my) psychology.

Sure, it helps to get a niche as you grow into a master coach yourself. (I swear to god — as a coach, I don’t believe in “getting” a niche — being an executive coach is niched enough!) The field of coaching, however, is quite neutral, thus transformative. In fact, the reason why coaching is transformative is due to its neutral nature! A coach doesn’t have preconceived notions on how things should be done.

The best in the industry out there even say that the further you’re from the area of expertise. The better. But that doesn’t mean you can afford to suck as a coach. You have to do justice to yourself and your client by getting both the right experience and expertise (as in the mastery of the art and science of coaching) in what you’re offering. That’s the specialized knowledge you seek and be rewarded for; and Napoleon Hill often said, “there’s no such thing called something for nothing.”

Likewise, there’s no such thing called “no-experience-needed.” You ought to have some before you can make anything work.

The golden rule always is this: get good first… and then, JUMP!

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