The failure loop

Won’t be training today and tomorrow. Backing off a little from what was a hectic week — physically, mentally and emotionally. It really was one of “those” weeks where everything seemed to be working against you. And although I was able to tackle one challenge after the other, I was apprehensive about failing one of my workouts this past week.

It’s been a pattern for quite some time now. How the week goes impacts the quality of my training sessions. And the unplanned twists or turns or changes set me back mentally. It’s as if my brain’s setting me up for failure. Why? Because I’ve succumbed to pressure previously.

My coach says it the best — “failing builds the fear of failing again and becomes a vicious cycle that makes one fail again… and again!” It’s a confidence killer.

And according to him, the sooner you break out of the loop the better. And the only way to do so is to “press reset.”

In training, the best way to build back your confidence is to practice a lot with medium weights whilst slipping me occasional heavy singles, with a weight that’s heavy enough to rebuild your confidence,  but not heavy to the point of risking another failure.

You can literally carry that principle over into our daily lives. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, focus on accomplishing those medium-priority tasks with an occasional task that is of high-priority. I’ve seen this strategy not just rebuild my confidence but also drive me out of failure loop and keeps me going over the long haul.

It’s funny how these little tips can crossover your lives and create an impact.

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