Woke up this morning with an urge to do something radical. So, I took pictures of my iPhones (an X and a 7, my backup phone) and put it online for someone to buy. They snapped them up within 30 minutes. Both are gone! And I literally feel like a stranger in a strange land… (damn, Android)!

Next up, I posted pictures of my beloved Canon 70D DSLR that I’ve used just four times in as many years! It had to go! And poof! Gone!

I never needed these gadgets. I could’ve had better (and way cheaper) alternatives but who would settle for anything less than best? And guess what? The “best” is just an illusion. Every product out there is essentially the manufacturer’s best version they could create at that time. Sure, some are great. But most of them suck.

They’re kind of like us. Imperfect. Yet, people have a lot of expectations from these gadgets, devices, and whatnot. Just like they have of us! And who the hell are we to judge?

Spending countless hours looking for that perfect device or those long gadget review videos is simply a pain in the butt. You’re better off just picking a damn device and moving on with your life. It’s insanely silly of us losing time for our wants and desires than spending on creating experiences. (Dinner with family or friends, anyone?)

Sorry I digressed, the point of the whole thing was simply this. Don’t ever feel locked down (thanks, Apple!) into an ecosystem. It’s your life. And don’t ever feel like owning something just because it feels good. It’ll simply rot or gather dust. Like my DSLR (as you can sense, I didn’t get a great deal on it… but what the hell?).

At this point in time — no regrets.

I’m happily downsized!

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