I’ve got them. You’ve got them too. They’ve got it too!

Yet, it isn’t something we would like to be associated with. At least not willingly.

I had a conversation with my coach around this sense of overwhelm that I’ve been experiencing for the past few days. I realized that I was overwhelmed primarily because I was apprehensive that stems from my belief system and approach towards the daily activities I delve in that would lead me to my eventual goal (the goal itself is irrelevant here).

And we dove deeper into reflection, I bumped into the possibility of feeling “insecure” about “losing out” on my goals and ambitions. Food for thought? Absolutely.

I thought about it for a solid 30 seconds. Could I be feeling insecure about something? FOMO perhaps? Did I ever think I wasn’t good enough? Upon deeper reflection here’s what I concluded:

  1. being insecure is a state of mind.
  2. that feeling, however, has more to do with holding on to something that you know doesn’t belong to you or perhaps losing out on something that’s great… but you deeply know that you don’t deserve it.

As for me, working in earnest — those small incremental steps towards the bigger goals — keeps my ego and expectations in check. And I know, I’m not losing out on anything but working off a blueprint to create a great foundation for a future that I designed myself.

Going back to my plan of action from yesterday’s session it was simply this — take cues from my training sessions (who knew?) and try to deload if it gets a little too overwhelming. Track what you’re trying to do and save your best rep/strength for the next set.

Who knew I could draw cues from my training journal and apply to my daily life?

That’s probably the reason why I coach people (and get coached). It’s a transformational journey and makes your day count towards the rest of your life.

All I need to do is stay put and keep walking on.


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