Get that weight off your shoulder

Had a great session at the gym this morning. I’m back at Gold’s and it feels great! Of course, I’ll be spending a lot more time here… converting pounds to kilos… but it’ll be worth the investment.

While packing my bags for training last night I had a revelation — the bag has been feeling awfully heavy since I started to take change plates with me to the gym. Now, it may sound obvious… but I was just carrying a couple of 1.25-kilo plates. That’s it! It isn’t much compared to the load that I’m so comfortable with… honestly, a fraction of a fraction of a fraction. Yet, it felt as if I’m carrying a mountain on my shoulders.

It got me thinking — what if I stop being so pedantic about the numbers and focus on the big picture instead. I definitely can lift half a kilo to a kilo more (especially considering how screwed up the numbers will be after converting them from kilos to pounds) and if not, I probably will work my way up to lift the extra kilos. Why didn’t I think about that before? (That was a rhetoric question, alright?)

So, here’s what I did — I removed the change plates from the bag and put it on my shelf. I packed my stuff as usual and slung the bag up on my shoulders and boy, the difference was like heaven and hell! Just 2.5 kilos can make such a difference.

Upon further reflection, I realized that those change plates represent the unnecessary load that we carry at all times. Some of us (like me) are even obsessed to get things just right, so we pick up a little extra load believing we will get used to it in the long run. But do we have to? Probably not, but that question is a far-fetched… thanks to our egos.


I think there’s so much to gain treading lightly. You’re nimble, agile and without the added stress. Moreover, if I were to choose between carrying extra weight and going the extra mile further towards my goal… I’d chose the later.

All we need to do is put aside our egos and those change plates.


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