The main thing is to keep the main thing…

… the main thing…

That’s one quote that I absolutely hate. Not that it’s offensive… nor do I intend to offend the person who might have said it… just that in my opinion it’s been one of the most overused/abused/misused quotes of all time!

That said, the is powerfully applicable when someone (like me) needs a powerful reminder of what’s important and what’s not. For the record, I failed my mini-project for the 6th time! As some of you already know, this project is pretty straightforward — read Chapter 9 from the seminal book Think and Grow Rich for 15 days straight.

The best I’ve gone so far is for just four consecutive days. That’s it! I just can’t seem to stick to the schedule. And guess what’s the biggest irony — the chapter’s title is Persistence, which, I clearly lack.

And that’s where the title of this post comes from, my inability to keep the main thing the main thing. It’s idiotic of me to assume that I’ll somehow manage to study this chapter in my free time when I clearly should make it one of the first things on my agenda. Despite this self-awareness, I’ve let other people’s agendas (my inbox) ruin it all for me.

New game plan: get this nailed first thing in the morning. No excuses. No exceptions.

I’m not sure how I would feel about this failure 50 years from now, but I’m sure completing this project would be one of the most significant achievements that will make all the difference. I could just feel it in the air.

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