Morning routines… you’re missing the point…

It seems everyone is obsessed with routines. Specifically, morning routines… as they help you kickstart the day. At least that’s how it begins…

But if you think following what every other internet celebrity does in the waking hours or what successful people do before breakfast or even how artists work… you’re clearly missing the point.

Whoever sold us on the idea of “modeling” didn’t expect us to simply rip a page out of these people’s books and hope things would remain the same. Change they would, of course! But at a cost. The key is to remember that someone else’s routine is never going to become your own.

Everyone’s morning routine is different in their own unique ways. Sure, some of them do almost the same things but it’s not because of what they do that makes them great. It’s who they are that makes them unique and great.

One of the most talked about books on the internet when it comes to productivity is Laura Vanderkam‘s What Successful People Do Before Breakfast. The book is chockful of routines and strategies that you can use to design your ideal routine. It’s super-sad, however, to know that people are focusing on the routines bit than on the actual strategy.

You can’t hope to awaken that creative genius inside of you just by counting beans — you’re not Beethoven! You got to be smarter than that!

Routines are great! Have one for mornings, evenings and even afternoons! I sure do! And they’re all great as long as the routines resonate with your life’s priorities, values, and energy levels. Managing your energy is the key. And that’s the whole point why we establish routines.

Would I ask you to stop reading other people’s routines? Heck, no! Read them. The more the merrier but these routines are not blueprints. They’re templates that are meant to be broken down and put together in a way that’s as unique as you are.

Who the hell am I to say that? Listen, for 12 straight years I woke up at 3 am simply because my hero, Winston Churchill, used to. At least that’s what I heard in an audiobook… and guess what? I can’t seem to find a single document on the interwebs that can verify the same. (And if you do, let me know!)

For the past 4 years, I’ve made an effort to ditch the alarm clock and wake up naturally. And that’s been the best decision I’ve ever made in life.

Templates. Not blueprints.

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